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Musings on the state of digital football

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Ronaldinho actually looks like Ronaldinho. That's a start!

If you’re in the States of A, you probably got the Bioshock demo yesterday and the FIFA 09 demo last week. You might’ve liked Bioshock, was a tad scary for me though. But say you’re itching for some football (soccer) that doesn’t feel like ass when you play it. Well, brotha i gotchu. Sign into the PSN with your alternate EU account, access their PS Store and DL the PES 09 demo they received yesterday. I haven’t tried it yet myself, but i tried FIFA last week, almost falling for all this “FIFA’s finally better than PES!” crap and came away as disappointed as ever.

EA makes soccer games like they make their Madden — big, heavy, lumbering brutes running across a field, waiting for the occassional juke or high-step to look cool. Futbol isn’t supposed to play like football. Futbol is pretty, balletic; players moving around with finesse. In football, players are constantly attacking with their bodies, slamming each other to the ground. FIFA, the two most recent years at least, is feeling too much like they’ve adopted the Madden engine. Maybe that’s how the MLS plays, but sorry, no. Futbol (at least everywhere else in the world) is a sport of carefully crafted beauty executed at just the right moment. It’s like tennis, but with a lot more guys and only one changeover.

Despite the framerate issues of last year’s Winning Eleven, which seem to have been addressed this year, FIFA is still far from the top. You can talk about features and online leagues and whatnot, but it’s the gameplay, stupids.

I don’t mean to harp too much on the “America is dumb for not liking soccer enough” meme, it’s just a question of the games displaying their real-world counterparts well. I’m gonna feel like an ass if the PES demo sucks.


Leipzig diary – far from Home

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I may have been far from New York last week at the Games Convention (i’m still in Germany, too), but for the first time i was very close to PlayStation’s Home.

It was my first stab at actual videogame journalism. The first thing i did when my girl and i arrived was look for the Hall that had the Sony stuff. I’ve been PS-fiendin’ since last summer, and Nintendo, at Intendo’s expense, could not reignite my Ninterest. Sony’s presence at Leipzig was felt in the earth, while Nintendo chose to cut class. Sorry Intendo, but it had to be done. This was my chance to rub elbows with industry people i actually wanted to rub elbows with.

The first hall, the Glasshalle, had SCE’s Deustchland subdivision listed in the day planner and we were already there. It consisted of a Gran Turismo car; we kept walking. Eventually we made it to the primary hall, Halle 3, which had EA, some others i forget, and a massive section all for Sony. It was themed like the event squares in Home, which was a nice, conscious touch. Each pillar of the PS3’s future had its own dedicated little island (aka booth), with three primary islands. Of those, one was showcasing the best of the PSN.

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Sony gets shakin’ with Movement

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That’s a sensationalist headline, right? It implies Sony is taking motion-based game control more seriously to combat Nintendo’s scheme. But no, that’s not what this is about at all. I misled you. I took your trust, flirted with its girlfriend, and then gave it bad directions. I’m just having one of my prick days, man. Don’t hit me.


Movement (PSN)

Seeking out the greatest unsigned bands from across Europe, Movement is an exclusive PSN music experience which will open your ears, your PS3 and PSP to the best in international music. From French electronica to London grindie via melody driven rock from Germany, you’ll hear it all courtesy of hosts Spencer and Martin who are tracking down the sweetest sounds across the continent in their VW Camper. With exclusive downloads on PSN and performances at PlayStation Day, movement will culminate with one band being selected by Spencer and Martin to have a professional promo video made. Look out for the entire madcap adventure on PSN soon.

I really hope this doesn’t turn out to be like the dogshit they call podcasts on the PSP browser’s website, with MadJake and the Noose, or whatever those MTV Generation degenerates call themselves. But with Spencer and Martin cruising Europe in a VW Camper, most likely in a madcap fashion, my hopes are stillborn.

Written by Rollin

May 6, 2008 at 6:44 pm

Jumping ship: PS3 steals ports a 360 exclusive

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Ahh, what a deceiving headline from PS3F.

Fuggit, at least you can look at it this way: the tables are turning for Sony. All those former PS3 exclusives that 360 got ports of early on gave many people something to moan about. But with Oblivion turning out better on PS3, “first ever PS3 game” Fatal Inertia (who cares, but still) switching sides and then shifting back as a multiplatform title, and now Lost Planet getting ported, seems like Sony’s sick of all the exclusivity shenanigans and is doing something about it. Bout time.

Great thing about these late ports is how the devs are pretty much obliged to include something extra (in most cases), and for Lost Planet, interested parties will be getting their little suh’n suh’n. All the downloable content from the 360 title will be included right on the blu-disc, so no patches or expansions to worry about. 16-player PSN chaos is also confirmed.

You’ve still got some brownie points to make up, Cappie.

Written by Rollin

October 17, 2007 at 2:52 pm

Warhawk expansion incoming: December dropoff scheduled

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Captain Love closes in on his enemy

Warhawk, the king of the PSN is about to get just a tad slight bit better. I didn’t know it was possible. Cue salt expressions, cause this one’s a rumor. One that’s been published in Game Informer, but i can’t link to a magazine.

There is word that Warhawk will get a huge update for the holidays. It will include new vehicles, and a dropship that can airlift vehicles across the map, and can even shoot missiles. No word on maps…

Dropship, i wonder how that’ll change the game. Either way, Warhawk still rules the PSN landscape, so all we can do is hope it makes the game better rather than worse. And for some maps, cause seriously. If i blow myself up by hitting another fuckin wall in the Badlands, i WILL blow myself up, and maybe a wall will be hit. Anything could happen, i’m volatile.

Written by Rollin

October 17, 2007 at 2:24 pm

Tet Mizuguchi bringing free m’morpeg to PS3

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I don’t have to explain to you who the Rez/Meteos/Lumines guy is.

He and his Q Entertainment are bringing Angel Love Online, a Japanese MMORPG with baby-cute characters, to the PlayStation Store in December. Whether it’s just the Japanese store or the US too, doesn’t matter to anyone because you can get it via your Jap PSN account if push comes to download.

PS3F says it’ll be like Maple Story or Ragnarok Online, in which you play the game for free but they get your money when you feel like dazzling up your avatar with fresh duds or a new sling blade at their accessory store, where you pay with dolla bills.

I can’t handle how great the PSN is beginning to treat PS3 folks. First Warhawk, then the demo onslaught, soon Home, and now a free-to-play MMORPG in a few months. My Wii’s on its way to that special place in the glass case under the register in GameStop next to the half-eaten DS Phat, the Indigo GameCube with the roach eggs in the disc housing, and all the other used hardware. Having that one-to-one connection to the devs and manufacturer at all times is too incredible. Online is easily the key component of this gen.

Here’s a video of ALO for you to see if you’re interested or not, but how can’t you be. It’s free. Don’t those four letters in that sequence mean anything to you?

Written by Rollin

September 17, 2007 at 3:26 pm

Penny Arcade on Live Arcade

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Well it turns out the rumors from earlier this month are true. It was officially announced at PAX that the Penny Arcade episodic games will be appearing on Xbox Live Arcade. The first ‘episode’ is titled “Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness”. No word on pricing just yet, but I suppose that will depend on how much content there is in each episode. Can’t be worse than the overpriced Penny Arcade picture packs on Marketplace.

PA game comic

Written by Bill

August 26, 2007 at 10:02 am