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We’ve been had by the Japanese

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Man, and here i (and everyone else) was thinking that Bayonetta was cool and original for having a girl with guns for high heels. The other night at the Sunshine Theater (which was right next to my old high school, no less), after watching Man On Wire (very good), the woman took to the bathroom, and as i wait outside, i see this. Damn you Japanese creative people with your regurgitated Western influences, preying on unsuspecting folk like me who are not quite up on their indie/underground classics.

Spain counts as Western, right?


Written by Rollin

October 3, 2008 at 2:29 pm

Musings on the state of digital football

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Ronaldinho actually looks like Ronaldinho. That's a start!

If you’re in the States of A, you probably got the Bioshock demo yesterday and the FIFA 09 demo last week. You might’ve liked Bioshock, was a tad scary for me though. But say you’re itching for some football (soccer) that doesn’t feel like ass when you play it. Well, brotha i gotchu. Sign into the PSN with your alternate EU account, access their PS Store and DL the PES 09 demo they received yesterday. I haven’t tried it yet myself, but i tried FIFA last week, almost falling for all this “FIFA’s finally better than PES!” crap and came away as disappointed as ever.

EA makes soccer games like they make their Madden — big, heavy, lumbering brutes running across a field, waiting for the occassional juke or high-step to look cool. Futbol isn’t supposed to play like football. Futbol is pretty, balletic; players moving around with finesse. In football, players are constantly attacking with their bodies, slamming each other to the ground. FIFA, the two most recent years at least, is feeling too much like they’ve adopted the Madden engine. Maybe that’s how the MLS plays, but sorry, no. Futbol (at least everywhere else in the world) is a sport of carefully crafted beauty executed at just the right moment. It’s like tennis, but with a lot more guys and only one changeover.

Despite the framerate issues of last year’s Winning Eleven, which seem to have been addressed this year, FIFA is still far from the top. You can talk about features and online leagues and whatnot, but it’s the gameplay, stupids.

I don’t mean to harp too much on the “America is dumb for not liking soccer enough” meme, it’s just a question of the games displaying their real-world counterparts well. I’m gonna feel like an ass if the PES demo sucks.

PSP settles into place at the top, having get-together next week

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Better get used to this. My new favorite handheld, it is.

  • PSP – 92,411
  • Wii – 48,796
  • Nintendo DS – 42,435
  • PlayStation 3 – 9,107
  • PlayStation 2 – 7,108
  • Xbox 360 – 1,283

Written by Rollin

May 7, 2008 at 12:51 am

Metal Gear Solid 4 delayed a quarter

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“You need to wait 3 more months to see us do it.”

Sad news, foxhounds. MGS4: Guns of the Patriots has been delayed a whole quarter, into Q2 2008. Personally it doesn’t bother me, all that’s changed in the face of it is a digit on the release date target. It’s gonna be great; this is one of the very rare games which i can say that about without being overtaken by hopefulness *glances at Wii releases*.

What does bother me though is the just-now confirmed* Xbox 360 version. Yikes. Has more content than the PS3 version! Physical content, that is.

Wonder if Metal Gear Online will come out before this now…

* Just click the damn link, count, laugh, and ask no questions.

Written by Rollin

October 31, 2007 at 10:52 pm

Lair Lures in Bored PS3 Owners

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It’s big news when an Xbox 360 game makes it into the sales charts in Japan, but these days it’s even news for a PS3 game to do the same. This weeks top 30 has one such game, and it even made the top 10. Are you on the edge of your seat? Yeah it’s the Japanese release of Lair. That’s right, 22,000 Japanese gamers didn’t bother to check the reviews. Either that or they just said “Fuck it, I own this system and I’m going to buy a new game dammit! I love dragons!”

Oh and Project Gotham Racing 4 for the 360 did make the list too, way down at number 24. Click on for the whole list if your interested.

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Written by Bill

October 18, 2007 at 7:11 am

Jumping ship: PS3 steals ports a 360 exclusive

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Ahh, what a deceiving headline from PS3F.

Fuggit, at least you can look at it this way: the tables are turning for Sony. All those former PS3 exclusives that 360 got ports of early on gave many people something to moan about. But with Oblivion turning out better on PS3, “first ever PS3 game” Fatal Inertia (who cares, but still) switching sides and then shifting back as a multiplatform title, and now Lost Planet getting ported, seems like Sony’s sick of all the exclusivity shenanigans and is doing something about it. Bout time.

Great thing about these late ports is how the devs are pretty much obliged to include something extra (in most cases), and for Lost Planet, interested parties will be getting their little suh’n suh’n. All the downloable content from the 360 title will be included right on the blu-disc, so no patches or expansions to worry about. 16-player PSN chaos is also confirmed.

You’ve still got some brownie points to make up, Cappie.

Written by Rollin

October 17, 2007 at 2:52 pm

Orange Box is Out

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orange box

It’s an exciting day for anyone who has ever been a Half-Life fan! As I write this my games are being unlocked by Steam, and will be ready to go any moment now. I have already been playing Team Fortress 2 for the last couple of weeks since they made it avaliable early for those who pre-ordered on Steam, and I already feel my spare time slipping away. Team Fortress Classic was the game responsible for addicting me to online shooters, and I never really let go. I won’t go into a fanboy wordgasm about how much Half-Life and it’s sequel mean to me as a gamer, and the number of hours I have put into both, not to mention Counter Strike and TFC. But today I finally get to continue the journey, if only for a short time. But this time it’s all that much sweeter with both TF2, and Portal to add into the mix.

PC Gamers download from Steam right now! Xbox 360 players, get to your video game store! . PlayStation 3 owners hang in there! Not too much longer.

Written by Bill

October 10, 2007 at 6:56 am