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PSP settles into place at the top, having get-together next week

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Better get used to this. My new favorite handheld, it is.

  • PSP – 92,411
  • Wii – 48,796
  • Nintendo DS – 42,435
  • PlayStation 3 – 9,107
  • PlayStation 2 – 7,108
  • Xbox 360 – 1,283

Written by Rollin

May 7, 2008 at 12:51 am

Sony gets shakin’ with Movement

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That’s a sensationalist headline, right? It implies Sony is taking motion-based game control more seriously to combat Nintendo’s scheme. But no, that’s not what this is about at all. I misled you. I took your trust, flirted with its girlfriend, and then gave it bad directions. I’m just having one of my prick days, man. Don’t hit me.


Movement (PSN)

Seeking out the greatest unsigned bands from across Europe, Movement is an exclusive PSN music experience which will open your ears, your PS3 and PSP to the best in international music. From French electronica to London grindie via melody driven rock from Germany, you’ll hear it all courtesy of hosts Spencer and Martin who are tracking down the sweetest sounds across the continent in their VW Camper. With exclusive downloads on PSN and performances at PlayStation Day, movement will culminate with one band being selected by Spencer and Martin to have a professional promo video made. Look out for the entire madcap adventure on PSN soon.

I really hope this doesn’t turn out to be like the dogshit they call podcasts on the PSP browser’s website, with MadJake and the Noose, or whatever those MTV Generation degenerates call themselves. But with Spencer and Martin cruising Europe in a VW Camper, most likely in a madcap fashion, my hopes are stillborn.

Written by Rollin

May 6, 2008 at 6:44 pm

Reasons to buy a PSP

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Just thought I’d throw out some games for the would be PSP buyer out there to mull over while making the big decision.  there are quite a few games in the pipeline, but these stand out the most for me.

  • Silent Hill Origins – I actually think this’ll lose some of the impact it had on the console, but it still looks pretty
  • God of War : Chains of Olympus – Seriously, do I need to say anything about this?
  • Castlevania : The Dracula X chronicles – The much awaited (by non-Japanese fans) prequel to symphony of the night is finally being released as a remake, along with a port of Symphony of the Night
  •  Crisis Core : Final Fantasy VII -The latest in a series of “milking yer franchise til there ain’t nothin left” games, crisis Core is Square Enix’s big game on the PSP, boastiing visuals that “look better than a PS2 game”

Well that’s it kids, those 4 games alone are worth the price of entry I think.  And since you’re probably gonna get another free game if you go for one of the slim’s entertainment packs, that should be enough to keep you happy for a long time.

Written by Ryan

July 13, 2007 at 9:02 pm

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PSP “Slim” released, people say wha-huh?

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This is odd. That PSP looks no slimmer than the one I haven’t given back to my friend yet. Granted, these are just pictures and side by side comparisons may yield more obvious changes in size. Still, when the DS Lite came out it made everyone ooze about how it was teh sexay, and frankly this just doesn’t compare. The bling-y silver color also really throws me off. Lovin the darth vader graphic on the back of the white one though.

Looks like Sony is dropping these babies in September in $199 packages that either include a Daxter UMD game and Family Guy UMD or Star Wars Battlefront:Renegade Squadron, which also nabs you the cool Darth Vader logo.

Written by Ryan

July 11, 2007 at 7:15 pm

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E307: Sony Conference Liveblog

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Welcome to our liveblog of Sony’s E3 keynote. All blogging will take place in the comments section, so follow along.

Written by Rollin

July 11, 2007 at 2:29 pm

Welcome to Warcadia

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Hello WordPress, Earth, everyone else. This is Warcadia, a diplomatic new blog for all things PlayStation and Xbox brought to you by me, Rollin — new PS3 owner and early Wii adopter — and friends as a sister site to WordPress’ shiniest jewel, Intendo ~ the anti-fansite: hideout to five Nintendo renegades trying to survive these turbulent, casual times.

As the name indicates, Warcadia is a new generation hub where the big 2 consoles will come together in the midst of war. Here, you’ll find all the updates and noteworthy topics on your powerhouse system of choice. Like Intendo, Warcadia will strive to offer a load of opinionated everything — articles, speculation, original features and other suchlike blogging things without boring you with… boring stuff. We realize that you probably read a million blogs a day, so we’ll keep our news selection restricted to the essentials. Also, fairness is our aim and with that comes frequent bouts of requisite offense to and defense of any particular console. Most of all, we’re cynical beasts and highly critical so be aware of that before you jump in.

However, your help is needed. We need writers! A handful of them. Criteria include:

* Ownership of a new-gen console and adequate knowledge of it
* Knowledge of anything related to Xbox 360 or PS3
* A severe lack of Sony/Microsoft hate in your blood
* The absence of overexaggerated adulation for Sony/Microsoft
* Basic knowledge of industry happenings
* A small number of fanboy cells in your genetic makeup
* An entertaining/interesting writing style without snark or other trite blogger traits
* An abundance of opinion
* A good amount of objective subjectivity
* 19 years of existance or more

That’s not a strict set of rules, but they do matter. Comment if you’re interested and you’ll either get a 1-week trial or immediate authorship. If you’re too shy to comment, you can find my contact info here.

Warcadia. Let’s make it happen, shall we?