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Leipzig diary – far from Home

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I may have been far from New York last week at the Games Convention (i’m still in Germany, too), but for the first time i was very close to PlayStation’s Home.

It was my first stab at actual videogame journalism. The first thing i did when my girl and i arrived was look for the Hall that had the Sony stuff. I’ve been PS-fiendin’ since last summer, and Nintendo, at Intendo’s expense, could not reignite my Ninterest. Sony’s presence at Leipzig was felt in the earth, while Nintendo chose to cut class. Sorry Intendo, but it had to be done. This was my chance to rub elbows with industry people i actually wanted to rub elbows with.

The first hall, the Glasshalle, had SCE’s Deustchland subdivision listed in the day planner and we were already there. It consisted of a Gran Turismo car; we kept walking. Eventually we made it to the primary hall, Halle 3, which had EA, some others i forget, and a massive section all for Sony. It was themed like the event squares in Home, which was a nice, conscious touch. Each pillar of the PS3’s future had its own dedicated little island (aka booth), with three primary islands. Of those, one was showcasing the best of the PSN.

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I hate both Germany AND iPhone apps (Leipzig diary – day three)

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I finally get a working wifi signal and the WordPress app starts giving me shit. This turned out to be a disappointing blog-reporting experience mainly for the lack of free and functional internet. I’m so cranky and frustrated. Look at my face. I might get to a net cafe later on and get a hold of a computer, but I don’t have my white cable to get these photos with. And Leipzig is cold as duck right now. No iPhone, I MEANT fuck.

Fuck the GC man, 2 days was more than enough. I don’t even know what they announced at the conferences. All I know is there’s a 160 gb PS3 in the works, and the only way I discovered that was from overhearing a Sony guy telling other Sony guys of their “biggest surprise.” Weeell…

Here’re some pics to stare at if you still don’t believe that I’m here.

Written by Rollin

August 23, 2008 at 7:56 am